Key Documents

1. Schönberg’s op.10, manuscripts and sources – an illustrated list of some of the key documents relating to the sequence and manner in which Schönberg composed his Second String Quartet.

2. Schönberg’s Testamentsentwurf – the transcription and translation of Schönberg’s handwritten, 12 page Testamentsentwurf (Draft of a Will), probably written in Gmunden shortly after Mathilde had fled to Vienna with Gerstl.

3. Viktor Krüger’s letters to Gertrud Schoenberg 1954/55 – the transcription and translation of two letters written by Viktor (Victor) Krüger to Schönberg’s second wife, Gertrud three years after Schönberg’s death in 1951. Here, Krüger gives his slightly unreliable eye-witness account of events surrounding the denouement of Mathilde’s affair with Gerstl in Gmunden, August 1908.

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