Liechtensteinstraße 68/70

Click here to jump to the studio Gerstl shared with Schönberg in Liechtensteinstraße 68/70

Plan of the 3rd floor of Liechtensteinstraße 68/70 Vienna IX, showing the layout of Schönberg’s and Zemlinsky’s apartments.

Plan. 3rd floor, Liechtensteinstraße 68/70, dated 3 March 1899, Private. Each floor consists of four apartments, two overlooking Liechtensteinstraße and two Salzergasse.

Extract taken from plan of Liechtensteinstraße 68/70 to illustrate the direction of the light from Liechtensteinstraße and to suggests where and how Gerstl could have painted Sitzende Frau mit grünem Kleid, Bildnis eines sitzenden Mannes and Mathilde im Atelier in the studio he shared with Schönberg’s in the building.

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